Critical Mineral Recovery™ offers competitive compensation as well as an extensive and comprehensive benefits packages. As Critical Mineral Recovery™ expands, so does the need to add qualified team members. Consequently, Critical Mineral Recovery™ is always hiring and always looking for great people to add to the Critical Mineral Recovery™ team. Please view the open positions below.

Positions available at Critical Mineral Recovery™


Critical Mineral Recovery™ has several opportunities to join our growing team.

The Story

Critical Mineral Recovery™ is a battery processor 100% dedicated to servicing Interco Trading, Inc. Interco is an American global recycling company that specializes in the placement of smelter-ready materials around the world through established partnerships with end consumers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Interco has relationships and partnerships with the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. Additionally, Interco sources lithium-ion batteries and battery related materials from dealers, recyclers, and battery processors worldwide.

The Critical Mineral Recovery™ battery processing capability directly benefits from Interco’s ability to provide CMR with a continuous raw material supply and competitive market sales for its end products. Likewise, the considerable Critical Mineral Recovery™ processing capacity and high-grade, mixed metal concentrate product give Interco a competitive advantage in the battery materials market. This symbiotic relationship allows CMR and Interco to play a key role at each stage of the secondary battery materials supply chain, fueling the energy transition.